Our Experience

We are known for our innovative, advanced laser welding techniques to provide high-quality work for our clients. We have the equipment and the capability to offer R&D to meet the most demanding of jobs. This has also allowed us to stand out from the competition.

How We Started

The founder of Laser Weld Creation, Michael Haimov, began his professional journey as a welding specialist for the medical industry. The limitations associated with traditional welding – lack of accuracy, precision & durability – convinced Michael that there had to be a better way to weld uneven surfaces & disparate materials. This is where Michael’s enduring association with laser welding began.

In 2005, Michael quit his job in the medical industry and founded
Laser Weld Creation in Concord, Ontario, with a single laser welding
machine. Result: Within the first 6 months of starting operations,
LWC’s popularity with its precision-seeking customers went through
the roof. And the reasons for this were all too clear. LWC’s customers
were not just impressed with the new technology or Michael’s
acquisition of a state-of-the-art machine, but his deep understanding
of the discipline and his continuous effort to improve on it. In 2009,
LWC expanded operations by inducting two additional machines and
began an aggressive program of training professionals to man them.
It was around this time that LWC also began offering mentorship
programs for technicians to be able to hire the best talent available
within this fledgling industry.

Today, Laser Weld Creation is an industry leader. LWC has also
changed the laser welding industry for the better with its promise of
providing excellent precision services with stringent quality control at
very reasonable cost to clients.

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