Our Covid-19 Protocol

As of April 9, under the new Lockdown protocol we remain open. Our production facility continues to operate, and our service team is fully operational. Enhanced measures have been undertaken to keep our customers and staff safe. Further, those within our company whose work allows them to work from home are doing so. 

We are still able to and happy serve our customers within the government guidelines. 

To Our Valued Customers & Vendors:

In an effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and in accordance with the Government of Canada, WHO, and CDC recommendations, we will be suspending all face to face meetings until further notice. We ask all customers to kindly cooperate with these measures.

Shipping & Pickup

During shipping and pickup procedures, we will ask employees to keep masks and gloves on at all times.

Please report to the front desk for instructions for pick up and deliveries. We kindly ask that no customers enter the shop premises. We will reduce all face to face contact to zero to help prevent any potential spread. Please phone us to inform us of when you will be picking up which order so that we may load your truck for you. When receiving a shipment, we ask that you be ready to off load the parts with gloves and a mask.

We will not require any signing of packing slips until further notice. Instead, we will be emailing a packing slip to you. Please sign and scan the slip before emailing it back to us. 

Thank you for your cooperation

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